Local Energy For All

The engine for renewable energy, clean energy, low cost energy, your energy, business electricity, the peoples energy, the future.

If you want to be part of the change to clean renewable energy this is the place to be.

A new generator design for clean and local renewable energy that won't cost the earth.

Local Energy For All

A time is coming when oil and gas will start to run out in the quantities required by the millions who live on this planet.


Electricity will be the main energy that will run our world, generated by wind, hydro, solar and nuclear means.

Learning from the Past

But, have we missed a way of generation from the past period of the Victorian Industrial Revolution that could provide all the energy anywhere on earth 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

The Answer

I believe the answer is yes.

Design of the Engine Generator

I am currently in the process of designing and building a prototype of a new type of engine generator.


This website is currently under construction as is the prototype of the Water Piston Electrical Generator.

So watch this space.

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