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European Countries

Name Region
Aland Islands Northern Europe
Albania Southern Europe
Andorra Southern Europe
Austria Western Europe
Belarus Eastern Europe
Belgium Western Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina Southern Europe
Bulgaria Eastern Europe
Channel Islands Western Europe
Croatia Southern Europe
Czech Republic Eastern Europe
Denmark Northern Europe
England Western Europe
Estonia Northern Europe
Faeroe Islands Northern Europe
Finland Northern Europe
France Western Europe
Name Region
Germany Western Europe
Gibraltar Southern Europe
Greece Southern Europe
Hungary Eastern Europe
Isle of Man Western Europe
Italy Southern Europe
Latvia Northern Europe
Luxembourg Western Europe
Malta Southern Europe
Moldova Eastern Europe
Monaco Western Europe
Montenegro Southern Europe
Netherlands Western Europe
Northern Ireland Western Europe
Norway Northern Europe
Poland Eastern Europe
Portugal Northern Europe
Name Region
Republic of Ireland Northern Europe
Republic of Macedonia Northern Europe
Romania Eastern Europe
Russia Northern Europe
San Marino Northern Europe
Scotland Western Europe
Seriba Northern Europe
Slovak Republic Eastern Europe
Slovenia Northern Europe
Spain Northern Europe
Svalbard Islands Northern Europe
Sweden Northern Europe
Switzerland Western Europe
Ukraine Eastern Europe
Vatican Southern Europe
Wales Western Europe
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Europe - Local Energy For All
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