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Off Grid Generator

Off Grid Generator for renewable energy, clean energy, your energy, the peoples energy, the future.

Off Grid Generator

If you want to be part of the change to clean electrical renewable energy then take a look at my invention. A new electrical generator design for clean and local renewable energy that will not cost the earth. The design of the electrical Off Grid Generator will change over time and will be available from late summer of 2020.

The Off Grid Generator is a DIY self build electrical generator providing renewable energy that any enthusiast with a minimal amount of DIY skills can build for themselves. I will in due course be producing a DIY build manual that can be purchased instructing the builder on how to create his/her own clean renewable electrical generator that has the potential to power a house or small business.

In due course further details will be posted on this website together with a video of the machine working.

Local Energy For All

A time is coming when oil and gas will start to run out in the quantities required by the millions who live on this planet.


Electricity will be the main energy that will run our world, generated by wind, hydro, solar, nuclear and Off Grid Generators.

Learning from the Past

But, have we missed a way of renewable electrical generation from the past period of the Victorian Industrial Revolution that could provide all the electrical energy anywhere on earth 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

The Answer

I believe the answer is yes.

Design of the Off Grid Generator

I am currently in the process of designing and building a prototype of a new type of off grid generator.


This website is currently under construction as is the prototype of the Off Grid Generator.


I have always been interested in machinery from the past especially the Victorian area and believe we have lost the ability to do many things for ourselves. We have become so dependant on large commercial enterprises and have lost many of the skills our forefathers were so use to applying each day. For example; how many of us now produce our own food or know how to fix the roof when it leaks. Do we know how to replace a window? I confess I just go to the supermarket or call an expert if the roof needs fixing.

Now in semi-retirement I am trying to rediscover my DIY skills (at least some of them) and start making things for myself again. So the idea of generating my own electricity has been in my mind for some time. I have looked at many crazy inventions and some very interesting renewable energy systems on the internet but it was not until I saw machines from the Victorian period my mind started to explore an idea, so the "Off Grid Generator" was born.

Off Grid Generator - Local Energy For All
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